Travel Back in Time with Kyoto’s Aoi Matsuri

Japan is host to countless festivals all throughout the year. Kyoto, being one of Japan’s most traditional cities, holds a different festival nearly every month and is renowned for having three great festivals every year. If you are in Kyoto during May, the festival to see is the Aoi Matsuri (葵祭).

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JET Placement Vibes

Hey JETsetters!

Results received: 5/16/2019 1:34 PM PDT Los Angeles Consulate, US JET

Previous years had seen initial placement results rolling out around May 15th onwards, typically whatever the 3rd Thursday/Friday fell on in May.  I was lucky (or unlucky) to have day off on Thursday, so I had nothing better to do than stare at my phone and refresh my email every second waiting for the possible email containing where I will be living for the next one to five years.  I don’t know if I would have preferred to have been at work or not, considering how on edge I was to receive results. I was driving my friends insane with all my placement anxiety and eagerness.

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