Gion Matsuri – Kyoto’s Biggest Festival (Part II: Events)

You’ve learned the history of the Gion Festival, so now it is time to put that knowledge to use! The Gion Festival is a very long one, lasting one whole month, so it gets difficult to keep track of all the different events taking place. Even though the main attractions of the Gion festival are the “Yama-boko-Junkou” on July 17th and the “Ato Matsuri” on July 24th, various festivities and functions are held throughout the month. Check out what is going on each day below and find which events interest you the most!

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So You Wanna Be A JET: Results & Next Steps

Hey JETsetters!

So, you’ve gone through the entire application process for the JET Programme. You’ve compiled all your documents, wrote a killer SOP, got called in for your interview, survived said nerve-wracking interview, and now are playing the waiting game once again for results.  Congratulations! This is waiting game makes up most of the JET application process and by now you’re a pro.

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