Virtual Arts EXPO Event Comes to Sensational Smartphone Game IDOLiSH 7

Get those fingers ready and stellar stones saved, IDOLiSH 7 fans! A new event series has arrived for the popular idol-themed smartphone rhythm game for Android and iOS. “Virtual Art EXPO: The Beauty of Nature” is the first extended event campaign for the series and will run over the course of six months, starting in May. The event will be held at the start of each month and feature two of our favorite idols out of units IDOLiSH 7, TRIGGER, and Re:vale. The type of event for May’s Performance is a modified points event. It is still uncertain if each month will follow May’s event type or change depending on the month. May’s event also brings back the fan-favorite boost feature, which you can use to score even higher event items and points per live! Don’t let this opportunity slip away! This is the perfect chance to stock up on UR items and Rabbit Hall items! You will love the limited cards because they are gorgeous, their puchinana are adorable, and the rabbit chats only add to their existing appeal. Continue reading