Virtual Arts EXPO Event Comes to Sensational Smartphone Game IDOLiSH 7

Get those fingers ready and stellar stones saved, IDOLiSH 7 fans! A new event series has arrived for the popular idol-themed smartphone rhythm game for Android and iOS. “Virtual Art EXPO: The Beauty of Nature” is the first extended event campaign for the series and will run over the course of six months, starting in May. The event will be held at the start of each month and feature two of our favorite idols out of units IDOLiSH 7, TRIGGER, and Re:vale. The type of event for May’s Performance is a modified points event. It is still uncertain if each month will follow May’s event type or change depending on the month. May’s event also brings back the fan-favorite boost feature, which you can use to score even higher event items and points per live! Don’t let this opportunity slip away! This is the perfect chance to stock up on UR items and Rabbit Hall items! You will love the limited cards because they are gorgeous, their puchinana are adorable, and the rabbit chats only add to their existing appeal.


IDOLiSH 7’s official Twitter accounts have posted teasers of the twelve different limited event scout cards and they are to die for! If you are aiming to get your hands on your Best Boy(s), you better be saving up those stellar stones for each month’s gacha, as only the two featured idols will available to scout that month. Your first solo scout each month will be discounted to 5 stones to help you try and bring your idol home! The cards will also be available for Pickup in the Scout Catalog. The event cards will give you event bonuses through a 30% boost to both points and items, along with a Puchinanankore for your Rabbit Hall. Other cards available in a separate limited-run gacha for the event will give you a 15% boost.

Virtual Arts EXPO: May’s Performance (17:00 JST on 5/2 to 20:59 JST on 5/9)

First off, that BGM? To die for. BAMCO, all I want is a song in that style. Give it to me, please. Taking a closer look at the idols featured in May’s event, fan favorites IDOLiSH 7’s Mitsuki and Re:vale’s Momo take centerstage in a phenomenal cybertechno theme.

Mitsuki VAE

Mitsuki may not be the top I7 boy canonically, but fans adore him for his charisma and resilience. Our poor boy has gone through more than his fair share of hard knocks throughout his life, and yet, he always finds a way to bounce back and motivate those around him. Because of this, Mitsuki has become one of the most relatable and endearing I7 characters.

Momo VAE.jpg

Momo has been the mood maker since his debut in Story 2, and after the events of Story 3, fans have fallen in love with him all over again. Momo tends to put others before himself no matter the cost, which strongly resonates with fans. His charisma and comic personality, along with his keen eye to detail, has made him a strong fan favorite over the years.

By putting Mitsuki and Momo as the first featured pair for the “Virtual Arts EXPO” event, fans are immediately drawn in to two of the most likeable and fun characters of the series. It sets the stage for more to come in the next few months.

Momo has helped Mitsuki out of rough patches in the past and their friendship has thrived as a result. It makes their duo in this event even more alluring and draws in fans, regardless of whether they are already Mitsuki and Momo fans or another idol’s. I couldn’t have asked for a better pair to start this stunning event series and am eagerly looking forward to the months to come!

Be sure to check out IDOLiSH 7’s monthly “Virtual Arts EXPO” events through September for more tantalizing limited items, cards, and rabbit chats. Don’t forget about that killer BGM too!


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