Kyoto’s Gion Festival Part 1: History

If you make it down to Japan’s old capital of Kyoto in July, you are bound to be drawn into the festivities all around throughout the month for the grand festival of Gion. If you thought Kyoto’s Aoi Festival was a long and outstanding event, then wait till you have seen how the entire city goes all out for the entire month, regardless of how hot or rainy it might get, in order to celebrate the Gion Festival! Gion Festival is considered to be one of the three grand festivals of Japan, along-side the Tenjin Festival in Osaka and the Kanda Festival in Tokyo.

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So You Wanna Be A JET: Background Check

Hey JETsetters!

A lot of people seem to always get stuck at the Criminal Record/Background Check portion of the application process.

I’ll be focusing on the U.S. requirements for the check, but overall, they don’t vary too much from other participating nations.

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