Review: BZRK: Apocalypse by Michael Grant

As a huge fan of Michael Grant and his works, I was ecstatic to be able to get my hands on his latest work in his thrilling BZRK series, BZRK: Apocalypse. If you are anything like me then Apocalypse will positively blow your mind. The characters are well-developed, the sceneries are always so extremely vivid that readers feel like they are right there along with the characters, and his plot lines are tremendously creative.

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Don’t Get Stuck Without Wi-Fi in Japan’s Old Capital Kyoto

In today’s globalized world, international travel is becoming more common as travel becomes cheaper and easier. With the boost in international travel, there is a growing need for easier access to free Internet access in popular tourist destinations around the world.

Nowadays, you can find that most cities and countries offer free Wi-Fi in public areas with a large amount of tourists, such as train and bus stations and airports. You can even find numerous Wi-Fi hotspots provided by local Internet Service Providers in areas such as cafes, restaurants and shopping centres.

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Review: The Witch of Painted Sorrows by M.J. Rose

M.J. Rose has a knack for spinning tales of wonder and allure that enthrals readers into an enchanting web that they do not want to get out of—The Witch of Painted Sorrows is no different, in fact, it may just be her most gripping novel yet! Rose intertwines a story that sends readers to a place where desire and lust were perceived to be incongruous, yet, oh so challenging to go on without them.

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Living Like a Shogun: Kyoto’s Must-See Nijo Castle

Visiting Japan’s old capital city Kyoto leaves you with no shortage of things to do and see. There are a plethora of temples and shrines to visit, museums to go to, and countless shops to check out. However, no trip to the old capital is complete without a visit to the old Tokugawa Shogunate’s stronghold, Nijo Castle in Nakagyo-ward. Nijo-jo is a sight to behold in the middle of Kyoto’s bustling city centre, not far off from the old Imperial Residence and the lively shopping districts of Shijo Street.

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