Tonight, We Feast!

Japan has a lot of places that are all-you-can-eat and I cannot stress how much I love them or how convenient they are! All-you-can-eat buffets are not exactly a foreign concept, you can easily find them in most Western nations, however what is so special about some of Japan’s restaurants is that as well as offering all-you-can-eat menus, there are also all-you-can-drink offers. Continue reading

Know Your Travel ABCs

I’ve been travelling for 19 out of 20 years of my life, usually internationally, and these are some of the biggest tips or life hacks that I live by while abroad.
I have travelled and studied abroad countless times in the past, not just to Japan where I am now, and I’ve used most of these around the world.
Regardless of where you study or are currently living in, you’re going to be doing a lot of wandering around and hopefully these may come in handy for you as they have me.
Here’s my list, from A-Z!

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Chances are, if you are in Japan you will go to the renowned karaoke that is always shown in movies and pop culture. Nearly everyone in Japan loves karaoke—from high school kids to elders. Karaoke is essentially a space to have a private party, regardless of size—you can be just two to six or even fly solo. Yes, people do go to karaoke alone, and it is not as miserable as it seems haha. Many go to karaoke alone to record themselves for auditions or just to let loose and relax. Continue reading