Five Quirky and Adventurous ways to Spend the Night in Tokyo

Tokyo is an exciting and beautiful city. It is a place of extreme contrast, with elegant temples, gardens and palaces, niche fashionable districts such as Harajuku and Shinjuku, and the towering modern skyscrapers of the Shiodome and Electric City. Yet, these distinct attributes complement each other beautifully to form Tokyo’s unique character. Therefore, it follows that, in addition to the hotels and youth hostels you might find in any city, Tokyo is home to a variety of more creative accommodation options. Spending the night in a quirky, quintessentially Japanese setting is a great way to enrich your trip to Tokyo.  The following options are not only ideal for adventurous travellers, but they’re also typically cheaper than standard hotel rooms.

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Chances are, if you are in Japan you will go to the renowned karaoke that is always shown in movies and pop culture. Nearly everyone in Japan loves karaoke—from high school kids to elders. Karaoke is essentially a space to have a private party, regardless of size—you can be just two to six or even fly solo. Yes, people do go to karaoke alone, and it is not as miserable as it seems haha. Many go to karaoke alone to record themselves for auditions or just to let loose and relax. Continue reading