Japanese Chopstick Etiquette

Japanese take their chopsticks seriously, very seriously.
If you are dining with Japanese people, they will most likely understand that you do not know [all of] the rules. They will probably forgive you if you commit some major faux pas. However, knowing a little about the local manners really goes a long way in making friends, winning business and just being a good guest.

While learning all the rule may be impossible for some, knowing these simple rules gets you 99% of the way to perfect politeness:

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Excuse me! Things That Are Not Rude In Japan

From bowing, to how to hold chopsticks, to how much money to give at weddings or funerals, to the way you treat your juniors or superiors–Japan has hundreds of rules of etiquette that are to be followed. Thus, it comes off as no surprise that this may cause foreigners to feel a little restricted in the nation.

Though worry not, for there are actually several quite surprising things that are not considered to be rude in Japan that would be in many other nations:

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