30 Free Things to Do in Osaka

Travelling in general is costly–but it doesn’t always have to.

Japan has an abundance of free things to do throughout the country and each one is well worth your time.

free things osaka

Check out some of the free things you can do in the 3rd largest and most populated city of Osaka, the heart of the Kansai region!

  1. Bunraku national theatre — puppet theatre
  2. [Instant] Ramen Museum — the only thing that costs money is to make your own custom ramen for 500 Yen.
  3. Suita Brewery — free brew tasting
  4. Doya! Doya! Festival
  5. Tenjin Matsuri [festival]
    1. timthumbRanked as one of the “Top Three” festivals in Japan, the Tenjin Matsuri [天神祭] or “Festival of the Gods”, is a must see in July. The festival is reknown for its boat and land processionals, elaborate fireworks performance, and the boat bonfires along the Osaka Okawa River that create a hypnotic light display.
      hanabi_09The festival is held on July 24 and 25, with the main festivities taking place on the last day. Also, with people from the Kansai region and Osaka being known for being far more open and friendly [especially to foreigners] as opposed to most regions/people in Japan, it is a great chance for you to meet some locals. 4023_map_03

  6. Sumiyoshi-taishi [temple/shrine]
    1. Founded in 211, Sumiyoshi-taishi is one of the oldest shrines in Japan. What makes this so significant? The era it was built in was before heavy Chinese influence, which means it is one of the few shrines/temples in Japan that is purely Japanese in style.
      The shrine is home to three gods, of which protect travellers, fishermen and sailors. Perfect for those visiting Japan, don’t you say?10344477 sumiyositaisya-thumb-906x600-1245

  7. Shinsaibashi
    1. Another shopping/entertainment centre/arcade.shinsaibashi

  8. Namba
    1. The main [and largest] shopping & entertainment centre in Osaka city, also home to Dotonobori street/canal.accessMap_thumb

  9. Umeda
  10. Universal City Walk
    1. Universal Studios Japan (USJ) itself costs money but the city walk before the actual park is free.16654map_e

  11. Osaka-jo [castle] Park
    1. osaka-castle-park-japan

      © Capture the World

  12. Shinsekai
    1. Shinsekai, which literally means “new world”, is an old neighbourhood that became popular after WWII located next to south Osaka City’s down-town Minami (South) area. The neighbourhood was founded in 1912 with the cities of New York (Coney Island) as a model for its southern half and Paris for its northern half.

      Shinsekai is also home to the famous Spa World, a huge public bath (sento) complex with a large number of baths on a variety of different themed floors, such as a European themed floor and an Asian themed floor. The floors are switched between genders each month. Natural hot spring water is pumped up from far below the earth’s surface. While Spa World is not free, it is a good attraction to check out while in the area.

  13. Shitenno-ji [temple]
  14. Nakanoshima
  15. Nipponbashi — Denden Town
  16. Hozenji Yokocho Alley
  17. Tsuruhashii (Korea Town)
  18. Tenjimbashisuji Shopping Street/Arcade
  19. Osaka Tenmangu Shrine
  20. Kema Sakuranomiya Park
  21. Amerikamura
  22. Mino Park — Gorgeous waterfalls
  23. Doguyasuji street
  24. Kuromon Market
  25. Nagai Park
  26. Toka Ebisu Matsuri [festival]
  27. Panasonic Centre
  28. Asahi Beer Factory
  29. Dotonburi
    1. 13046765264_e440dab7a7_bDotonbori had once been a former pleasure and theatre district, but now is one of the main shopping & entertainment centres in Osaka City, known for its numerous restaurants, bright lights, the infamous ‘running man’ and popular chain stores.
      Some of the most popular foods in the area are Kansai/Osaka favourites–takoyaki and okonomiyaki.

  30. Hattori Ryukuchi park
  31. Osaka takoyaki Museum

Enjoy wandering around the Osaka when you come to Japan and don’t forget to take advantage of all the freebies along the way!


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