Review: Fire & Flood by Victoria Scott

Are you a fan of the The Hunger Games or The Maze Runner? Then Fire & Flood is a necessary read for you then. Victoria Scott, as always, has crafted a marvellous YA Science Fiction novel that manages to have the impression of a futuristic dystopian book. The plot is honestly upfront and fast-paced but achieved to amaze me with reasonably a few twists.

Readers are flung into the novel, just as main character Tella is thrown into the race; you get no background knowledge or info about how things work. Normally, such a thing would irritate me but it truly drove to crank up the intensity in Fire & Flood. While I was reading there were so many inquiries that popped into my head and every time one was answered another one picked up.

The main character Tella is certainly shallow at the start of the novel but that does decline as the story developments and she matures. She befits a truly strong female protagonist. She was prepared to risk everything and anything to be capable to gain the antidote for her sibling. She is justly pleasant and regardless of the fact that she is in it to win it she doesn’t go about hurting and terminating others to get the antidote.

As this book is aimed for teens and fans of the YA genre, there’s inevitably going to be some sort of a romance facet to it. The truly great thing about this novel is that there is no instantaneous attraction amid the two main characters.

An Advanced Readers Copy was provided by the publisher in return for an honest review.


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