Review: No Lasting Burial by Stant Litore

Stant Litore’s No Lasting Burial is a spectacular novel on several levels. The tale rings true with humanity. The horror and zombie features, as well as the miraculous, truly forces readers to contemplate what it is to be human, to grieve and love as a human being.

The tale not once flags or sags and the writing style that Litore makes use of has a poetic passion that is certainly not flamboyant or overwritten. The use of semantic roots for places and people’s names enlivens the tale. The book delivers like a high speed rollercoaster. It is a terrifically enthralling tale, impeccable for putting you on edge. There is a lot of philosophical, historic and divine content to be absorbed, which offers deep contemplation.

I found No Lasting Burial strongly troubling and cuttingly stunning. I highly anticipate the opportunity to reread it to better understand it. It certainly will have a lasting effect on me and for that Litore deserves congratulations.

An Advanced Readers Copy of the book was provided by the publisher in return for an honest review.


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