Review: Carrier by Vanessa Garden

I am a giant fan of post-apocalyptic and dystopian situations with prowling zombies and civilisation disintegrating with a limited group of survivors attempting to flee rampage and chaos. I truly enjoyed Vanessa Garden’s Carrier because of this. The Australian setting that the book was placed in was something I loved and the plot was fresh and diverse from many others in the same sort of genre. As it is a short book, it was moderately fast-paced and a quick read but honestly did not feel rushed at any point while reading it.

Within the first couple of chapters, I was instantaneously captivated with the premise. The novel’s tone was chilling and impressive. Garden truly paints a suffocating and eerie tone for the Australian outback and there is the reoccurring sense of desperateness and isolation that floods the book. Though, I did wish that there was more info on how the infection and the following outbreak spread originally.

Carrier is positively an impressive and edgy read. I enjoyed the novel mostly due to the appealing protagonist and the blatantly eerie scenery that Garden paints. I highly recommend Carrier to fans of YA post-apocalyptic/dystopian fiction.

An Advanced Readers Copy of the book was provided by the publisher in return for an honest review.


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