Review: The South China Sea by Bill Hayton

From rising sea levels due to climate change to acts of terror from various groups such as ISIS and jihadist radicals to global viral pandemics, China’s quest for hegemonic jurisdiction over the South China Sea might not be high up on some lists in regards to global trepidations. Bill Hayton’s The South China Sea—The Struggle for Power in Asia could not have arrived at a more crucial time. Hayton calls to attention the issues regarding China’s rising power in Asia and what it means for the international order of the globalised society we live in.

It is blatantly evident that Hayton, a BBC journalist, had done the needed, in-depth research and thought into this book. He brings to light that very few, if any, of the actors that end up caught in the web spun from this hegemonic quest taking place will emerge unscathed. China’s actions, described thoroughly in his work, challenge the United Nations Conventions on the Law and Sea, as well as the authority of numerous smaller nations in the region. Hayton achieves to inform readers of China’s long-standing history with regards to the South China Sea and how this history plays a significant role in determining the outcome of the conflict taking place today.

The writing is positively excellent and the awareness brought out of the issue is superb. A must read for any person who wishes to gain an in-depth insight into the issue currently plaguing the global society in the world.

An Advanced Readers Copy was provided by the publisher in return for an honest review.


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