Review: Wind Catcher by Jeff Altabef

Wind Catcher, written by the fabulous Jeff Altabef and his daughter Erynn, is a coming of age tale that takes on fantasy and supernatural aspects as well to make a wonderful new series. The first in Altabef’s YA Chosen series, Wind Catcher definitely caught my attention and held it hostage until the very end.

A common motif in YA books is the decision-making processes, and in Altabef’s novel, our protagonist Juliet searches for the truth and what to make of her future, but also goes beyond the development of her enlightenment. The stunning part of the novel is with Juliet coming to terms with seeing the bigger picture and how she uses it. That is chief the reasoning as to why Wind Catcher shines amongst the plethora of YA novels out lately, especially those in the genre of Native American fiction.

Wind Catcher is a suspenseful, wonderfully written story that will capture your attention and hold it prisoner.

An Advanced Readers Copy was provided by the publisher in return for an honest review.


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